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We are a diversified group of companies doing business within the mobile games, mobile applications, real estate, hospitality, telecoms, e-commerce, retail and media industries.

Operational across the globe since 1997, is made up of industry veterans with years of experience working with start-ups, mid sized and large businesses. We are a privately held diversified global technology group and have been successful for 20+ years. We work hard and we love what we do.

Our talented, experienced people together with our fully developed, robust technology platforms ETP and TMAP will make just the difference you need in order to compete on both local and international markets with always a keen eye on marketing and sales striving to achieve the highest possible return on investments.

We excel in areas such as software design, mobile software design, systems architecture, development process engineering, and effective use of scalable cloud services.

Our diversity in new services, products, technology, and heavy investment in research development enables us to sustain our competitive edge. Our commitment to provide a positive work environment for our staff enables them to excel and deliver trusted innovative quality services and products to our partners and customers. We constantly seek and continuously strengthen partnerships with our strategic alliances and industry leaders to fulfill our commitment to compete and win.

Explore our 20+ years history of innovation, products and services and please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.


We seek to improve the quality of products and services we develop for our partners and customers by continuously innovating our products, services, and systems.


Our mission is to deliver to our partners and customers exactly what we promise on time and subsequently strive to exceed expectations as much as possible.

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success rate develops and invests in innovative technology platforms and companies that take business models to new, fast-growing markets. focuses on mobile and online products and services. has been operational across the globe since 1997. has come a long way since its inception in 1997. In our group our transformation has taken place in 2015 in which we embarked on a new strategic direction. With a clear and redefined focus on both market and customers’ needs, we consolidated our technologies and know-how via a more agile services and products development approach. Nowadays we are able to offer a complete suite of solutions tailor-made for your needs enabling you to surpass your competitors.

Mainly active in the technology sectors we hold advanced know-how and possess global execution power in the development and roll out of mobile games and applications, cross-platform portals, e-commerce portals and cross-media solutions.

What makes us stand out from our competitors is that we perfectly combine technology development with marketing and sales both B2B and B2C. We partner all the way from the beginning till the end, from the first ideas and design sketches until delivery and deployment. We have a complex system that runs over 1000+ sites and applications with over 20 million unique users per month.

Before we enter any business or engage in any activity we always carefully analyze the scope and requirements beforehand. Only then we’ll be able to properly measure its impact, create the road map ahead and evaluate the results. It’s in our DNA to continuously measure and analyze data. The know-how we gain ensures quality of services, speed, growth and profitability all serving the main goal, namely to succeed and eventually beat the competition.